Agent products

  • Universal proportional valve power amplifier, Control of directional, throttle and pressure valves, which need a flexible adaptation of the solenoid control. All typical proportional valves of the different manufacturers (BOSCH, REXROTH, PARKER, EATON …) can be controlled.
  • Universal positioning module, optionally with power output stage or SSI interface.
  • Pressure control module, with integrated power amplifier. This module has been developed for controlling pressure and speed (with analog speed controllers) in hydraulic systems. Various parameter settings allow an optimal adaptation to the respective valve.

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Shanghai Dowyer Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd, founded in 2007, is an international import and export service company. We are specialized in the sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance of industrial production lines, automation control equipment, laboratory analytical instruments, automated instrumentation and various imported electromechanical spare parts. We also provide technical advisory services.

We mainly sell European original equipment, various industrial automation spare parts such as encoders, sensors, controllers, instruments, pumps, valves, filters and so on. These products are widely used in machinery, power, cement, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, logistics, environmental protection, automotive, papermaking, electronics, mining, ports and other fields.

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